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Bre Council ticks lengthy To Do list

Brewarrina Mayor Phillip O’Connor says with persistent lobbying the shire have ticked some big items off council’s wish list . Photo TWH

The drought years of 2016-19 could have been disaster for the Brewarrina community, but instead persistent lobbying and good ideas have seen the shire tick off some very big items from council’s wish list.

Mayor of Brewarrina Shire, Councillor Phil O’Connor said roadworks, infrastructure and amenities have been improved or installed as a result of grant money from state and federal governments – and council was quick to make sure it went on worthwhile projects.

“In 2016 we had a new council, and we faced those drought years, but the grants kept us flying,” Councillor O’Connor said.

“We were able to clean up the fish traps, put in new entrance signs and flags in the town, and that gives you a good feeling when you’re coming into Brewarrina – it’s a pretty tidy looking show.

“We also upgraded the state highways and the road south of Gongolgon and to Coolabah with RMS money and we started sealing the Goodooga road.

“In 2017-18 we put in a new cricket oval and pitch, water reticulation at Angledool, we finished the restoration of the Anglican church and started the bore at Goodooga and we were able to show the government we were capable of getting things done.

“Council has to make decisions about how to spend grant money and if we can’t agree the government takes it back, so we have listened to the community, and we’ve got these projects done.

“In 2018-19 we completed the Goodooga bore baths, we supported the big events in town like the Bre Big Fish and the races, we did the fencing around the air strips, air conditioned the community hall and put in the roadside rest stop at the Walgett turnoff.

“We were told it would cost half a million dollars, but we used all local labour and contractors and we got that built for about $150,000.

“We also upgraded the youth centre and put in a skate park, which was as a result of conversations with the kids about what they wanted in town.

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