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Bre community mourns together following tragic accident

Police and community members paying their respects to the two drivers who lost their lives. Photo TWH

Brewarrina came together as a community and held a vigil on Saturday to remember the fatal truck accident that occurred on the outskirts of the town two weeks ago.

The service commenced with a smoking ceremony at the town’s yarning circle, with words of welcome and condolence from Lily Shearer.

Others shared with the community and family of one of the two drivers that died in the accident.

Layton Holley from the Western Herald attended and recorded his thoughts.

“We walked to the bridge that was the site of the collision, where further words were spoken by Brewarrina Mayor Vivian Slack-Smith, Burra McHughes from the Rural Fire Service and other members of the community.

“Now and then, life will force us to observe death; a flash of lightning strikes a traveler in his way; the concussion of an earthquake lays waste to whole cities; the rushing flood will drown an entire town; two good men will crash and die on a highway.

“Such events remind us that our life, too, must end, that the time of death is uncertain, and that tomorrow is never promised.

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