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Bourke schools stay open but strikes likely

Local teacher - including Brett O’Connor, Emma Buckley, John McCulloch, Matt Cronan, Jaylen Hurst, Amanda Smith, Nicole Sims, Angela Doggett, Jenna Barwick, Abby Sims and Theresa Dorrington on teachers strike outside Bourke High School. PHOTO TWH

Teachers across NSW walked off the job on Wednesday over staff shortages and pay.

The 24-hour strike was called as a ‘last resort’ by the Teachers Federation after failed negotiations with the NSW government.

In Bourke, the High School remained open but with limited staff and at Bourke Public School, will be open with minimal student supervision.

Bourke High School Acting Principal Rob Bourke said he met with Federation organiser for the local school on Monday to determine what was best for staff and students.

“We had a couple of people decide to come in and so we opened with minimal supervision,” Mr Bourke said.

“We alerted parents through Facebook and letters went home with students to let them know the situation.”

Bourke Public School also notified parents through social media that there will be limited staff available to supervise children at the school.

Central West Organiser for the Teachers Federation Tim Daniher said the strike was unavoidable and he did not rule out further industrial action in the future.

“The teacher shortage in NSW is worsening and teachers are being pushed to breaking point,” he said.

“The shortages are the result of many factors, and it has been coming for some time.

“The education department has also known this through its own internal briefings.

“The workload teachers are facing is unsustainable and ever-increasing.

“It is the reason why we don’t have massive numbers coming into the profession.

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