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Bourke High School – School is out for Year 12

The graduating class of 2022; Abbey-Leigh Warwick, Sophia Cameron, Robyn Gillon, Principal Rob Bourke, Brittney Knight, Kobie Lollback, Chad Lollback, Jaimyn Moore, and Year 12 Supervisor, Brett O’Connor. Photo TWH

Last Thursday, Bourke High School held its Presentation Assembly, where the school community said goodbye to the graduating class of 2022.

Tackling lockdowns and new working environments, these Year 12 students had to overcome many obstacles leading up to the HSC, but after years of hard work and adapting to the unusual conditions, they’ve made it!

“It was challenging for the Year 12 students last year due to Covid because they experienced online learning and weren’t used to it,” Principal Rob Bourke said after the assembly.

“Many of the student’s households don’t have computers and technology access, making it difficult for them.

“It was a deficit for their preparation for their High School Certificate, even though they adapted and got used to it as it went on, and they should be very proud of their effort.

“We have some great kids, or young adults, in Year 12, and they will go on and make the community proud of them, I am sure.

“It was great to be there with them at the Presentation Assembly and see them off; most of them danced out the door,” Principal Bourke laughed.

“My parting words to the Year 12 students were this: there are no free meals; you need to get in and work hard if you are going to get what you want in the long run.

“At the end of the day, nothing comes easy; it may seem that way at times, but behind every successful person, there is a lot of hard work, so get stuck in!”

Mr Brett O’Conner, the Year 12 supervisor, saw the students off with tears in his eyes as he reflected on their time at BHS.

“The class of 2022 has been a fantastic group,” he said, “they’ve had a hard time with the lockdowns, and they have been through a lot of challenges with working from home, but they made it through, and I am very proud of their effort.

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