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Bourke High School Class of 2021

Last Friday was the last day of school for year 12 students at Bourke High School.

In their two COVID-ridden years of senior secondary education, the students have been unable to attend school for months at a time, and most unfortunately, have been unable to be together to celebrate the end of their school life.

Year 12 Advisor, Kristi Ibbotson, said COVID had caused havoc in these students’ final years of schooling.

“COVID has not only disrupted one of the most special times in a student’s school life, but it has also impacted hugely on their social and mental well-being.

“This should have been a time for celebration and looking back, as a group, at how far they have come. Instead, everyone is separated.

“This has been really tough on the students.

“I particularly feel for the art students, who had to complete their major artwork at home during this lockdown.

“That mark is worth fifty per cent of their grade. They’re tough conditions to finish a course under.

Miss Ibbotson has been Year Adviser to the students since they were in Year 7.

“I have seen them transition from kids who dreamed of becoming athletes and the next Prime Minister, to the young men and ladies they are today.

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