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Bourke Ewes Rugby Union Club — Jarryd appointed head coach for 2023

Ewes new head coach Jarryd Samuelsson with assistant coach Sophie Bowden and Ewes Club President Jac O’Brien. Photo contributed

The Bourke Ewes Rugby club has appointed Jarryd Samuelson as head coach of the Ewes for the 2023 season, and Sophie Bowden has been appointed as assistant coach.

President of the Bourke Ewes Club, Jac O’Brien, said that Jarryd and Sophie were excited to work with the club for the 2023 season.

“These coaching jobs are big commitment in time, with training on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and virtually all day on Saturday; Jac said. “These are not paid jobs and Jarryd and Sophie are really doing it for the love of Rugby”.

“Both Jarryd and Sophie understand the team and the games, and they are keen to make the Ewes team an inclusive team, where anyone who wants to play will be encouraged to play, regardless of ability.

“Jarryd helped last year when Mick Bartlett was coaching the team and he bring some helpful experience and ideas to the team.

“Sophie is new in the coaching role, but has significant experience playing rugby, and she knows the team and understands the team’s dynamics,” Jac said.

The Ewes expect to have plenty of players at their sign-on day early in 2023, with many of last year’s players and some new recruits indicating they will be available.


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