Bourke CBD blossoms — and lifts community spirit

Visitors Rob and Anna from Sawtell were in Bourke when the main street gardens were being planted and were astonished by the beauty they saw when revisiting Bourke last weekend. PHOTO TWH

The combined efforts of Bourke’s citizens and forward planning by council has transformed the town’s main street and CBD area into a floral work of art.

Blossoming bougainvillea, pansies, petunias, daisies, succulents, and native flowers are a reminder that even in dark times, Bourke is a place of hope and beauty.

A spring-induced kaleidoscope of colour has lifted the spirits of the community, with many people taking to social media to comment on the success of the main street development.

The flowers are the final touch to the transformation of the main street precinct by Bourke Shire Council, with landscape architect Richard Stutchbury creating the concept and design, and creating the sculptures that complement the gardens.

With the drought gone for now, and spring being fully sprung, Bourke’s green thumbs have given it the thumbs up.

Avid gardener Cliff White said the main street gardens were a huge asset to the town.

“It looks spectacular, and the little platform of baby pig-face looks really nice,” Cliff said.

“I’ve only ever heard good comments about it.

“It’s just a pity they didn’t plant those beautiful climbing yellow roses at both ends of the street. The roses outside the police station are terrific.”

Active Bourke Garden Club member Shirley Booth said she was pleasantly surprised with how wonderful things were looking.

“That lovely tiny little pigface that’s down near the courthouse corner looks absolutely beautiful and of course the yellow roses,” Shirley said.

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