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Bourke Bowling Club — Full steam ahead on bowling green upgrade

Bowling green, concept drawing. Photo supplied

The Bourke Bowling Club is looking ahead to a highly successful 2023, positioning itself as a drawcard for competitions across the region, as work continues upgrading the bowling greens and completion of a shade structure and extended verandah.

By April this year the club expects to have a brand new state-of-the-art all-weather synthetic green including a fully shaded coverage.

Club President Mark O’Shannessy said he was hopeful the work would be completed by April and Bourke would be able to host competitions for clubs as far away as Dubbo and across the western region.

The old green opposite the bakery has been pulled up and removed and this week work begins on the foundations for the new shade structure.

“The upgrades will mean games can be played at any time and we are not at the mercy of the weather,” Mr O’Shannessy said.

“The foundations go down for the main shade cover and the structure should be built by the end of February, then the greens start going in in March.

“The verandah will be extended by six metres and the project will be finished with new fencing around whole club.

“The idea is to have more competitions and if clubs from Dubbo for example travel to Bourke for a comp, they won’t lose a game if it rains and competitions can be played right through the season.

“We want to get more kids involved in the game and these upgrades will mean families can come down and enjoy the facilities, and schools can have bowls for a sports activity under cover and play any time of the day.

“It will open up the club to more people because they’ll be able to play bowls through the summer, under shade,” Mark said.

Like a lot of projects across the shire, the improvements were held up by the floodwaters, but the work is now full steam ahead.

“Where the shade structure was to be built also had some flooding, so it has been a bit of a drawn out project.

“Once the foundations are done this week and into next week, there will be a couple of weeks for them to dry, then the shade structure goes up, which will only take eight or nine days and the greens go in after that, so hopefully by the end of April the whole project will be completed,” he said.


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