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Beneath the Surface: The Power of Community in Shaping Mining Policy

Victoria sending off one lot of submissions for the review. Photo TWH

On March 28, The Lightning Ridge Area Opal Reserve achieved a key milestone in the Independent Review of the Small-scale Titles Statutory Framework by dispatching the hard copy submissions it had received.

“This marks a pivotal step in the review process, with the local community playing a significant role in voicing their insights and expectations,” says Victoria Lugovoy who was then acting manager of the Lightning Ridge Area Opal Reserve while her manager David Sullivan was on paternity leave.

“We’re immensely grateful to the Lightning Ridge Miners Association and Kelly Tishler for their guidance with the community through the submission process,” expressed Victoria.

“This collaboration underscores the community’s commitment to ensuring their perspectives are well represented, a great team effort,”

“Victoria’s dedication to facilitating our community’s participation has been remarkable,”.

“Her work ethic and leadership as Acting Manager have been exemplary. Victoria’s involvement in both the submission process and her managerial duties has greatly benefited our community,” says Mr Sullivan. […]

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