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Back O’Bourke art exhibition out of this world

Bourke artist, Jenny Greentree working on paintings for her “When the Darling Flows” exhibition at Easter. Photo TWH

The Bourke Easter Festival is just a week away, and one of the draw cards every year is Jenny Greentree’s art exhibition.

This year, Jenny has created a profound series of art works that she hopes will have a message beyond what people see as they stroll through her Back O’Bourke Gallery.

Titled ‘When the Darling Flows’, the works re-create the Darling River in meticulous detail and the exhibition includes a spectacular three panelled work virtually painted from space.

“‘When the Darling Flows’ was inspired by the January floods, so the exhibition is a series of new works representing the river from three aspects,” Jenny said.

“One is an aerial landscape created in pastels depicting those lovely scenes and it is titled ‘The Darling Celebrates’. It is a spectacular artwork, showing the river from May’s Bend to Gundabooka.

“It’s quite a view of the flood plains at sunset and there will be quite a lot of local interest in that.

“For me, ‘When The Darling Flows’ is probably the most spectacular. It took months to complete and is a work of three panels that represent our district from a satellite perspective, so you’ll be seeing our river from a bird’s eye view, on the ground, and from space.

“The three panels depict the river flooding all the way from Louth to the Culgoa Bogan Junction and from about five kilometres above five western rivers - the Culgoa, Warrego, Darling, Bogan, and Barwon rivers.

“I’ve captured five or six hundred river kilometres in this painting, and I was a bit crazy to do that, but I was trying to be meticulously accurate.

“They are now finished and ready for the exhibition and everyone will be able to see where they live in this view from space.

“I viewed live satellite images of the flood online, from where the Barwon becomes the Darling – to Louth and used this information as my main reference point and put all that together in three panels that connect, to show the river’s expanse.

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