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Amber Lawrence and Catherine Britt reunite

Kirsten Johnson, Charmaine Johnson and Melissa Brookson with Catherine Britt at last year’s Bush Pubs Tour at the Port O’Bourke Hotel. Photo TWH. Amber Lawrence will be performing alongside Catherine Britt this Saturday night. Photo supplied

Golden Guitar winners to perform in Bourke this Saturday

Amber Lawrence and Catherine Britt have more than country music in common.

They are two of the most successful and consistent female artists on the Aussie music scene.

Both are mums, both have hosted national radio programs, and both know a thing or two about working hard and living life to its fullest!

Amber recently released her second children’s album, “The Kid’s Gone Country II”, as well as the isolation collaboration single – “True Blue” (with Aleyce Simmonds, Kirsty Lee Akers and Dianna Corcoran) and the No.1 duet with the Davisson Brothers Band, “Greatest Show on Earth”.

Catherine released two number 1 singles during 2020 - “I Am A Country Song” and “Fav’Rit Song” - and released her highly anticipated new album, “Home Truths”, on Friday 15th January.

The album is the first to be released through her newly established independent label, Beverley Hillbilly Records.

Following the craziness of 2020, Amber and Catherine decided to hit the road together again for the “Love & Lies Tour 2021 – part 2”.

Amber says that she and Catherine have a great dynamic on stage and that their 2017 Love & Lies tour was so much fun, they wanted to do it all again.

“Catherine and I both have different strengths and weaknesses, and together we complement each other and make a really great team.

“I have never been to Bourke before and I’m really excited about being at the Back O’Bourke for the first time.

“Catherine has played in Bourke many times and always speaks so highly of the town and The Port O’ Bourke, so I’ve got great expectations,” Amber said.

Amber has a son Ike, and says she is the best mum she can be, while still able to follow her dreams.

“I’ve asked myself about working away on weekends, but it doesn’t really matter, because if I worked a Monday to Friday job, then my child would be in childcare all week.

“This way my husband cares for our child on weekends while I work and between us, we juggle the childcare.

“Both Catherine and I love our jobs, we love our fans, our fans love that we share our kids on-line and our family support makes it all happen.

Catherine Britt said she loves touring with Amber, and the girls are enjoying being back on the road.

“Touring with Amber is great – we really enjoy performing together.

“In many ways we’re similar and see eye-to-eye on things – we’re both in charge of our own businesses, although Amber may be a little more organised.

“Musically we’re a little different which works really well when we perform together. It brings different fan bases to the one show and makes for an exciting performance.

“As women in country music we have a lot of talents, we stick together and we support each other.

Catherine says she loves playing in the outback towns because there is such a need for live music.

“They’re a big mission, but they’re worth it.

“The crowds really appreciate the music. The bush telegraph works, and before you know it you’ve got a great night happening.

“I love Bourke, I love the crowd there, and Luke at The Port O’Bourke is always good to us.

Catherine has a saying that she’s been ‘Bourked’, and this time she’s really looking forward to doing it with Amber Lawrence.

The Bourke Show is at the Port of Bourke Hotel this Saturday night from 7pm.


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