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All good news for graziers

As rain continues to fall and stock prices rise, Greg Seiler is optimistic about the outlook for graziers. PHOTO TWH

Rainfall and record high prices for stock were boosting confidence and optimism among the region’s graziers, with stock agents astounded at the continuing upward trend in prices for goats and cattle.

Managing Partner of Nutrien Ag Solutions, Greg Seiler, said the recent rainfall around Louth and Enngonia was more good news and despite flooding earlier in the year, would only add to the healthy prospects for the coming year.

“We’ve seen the floodwaters receding and then some significant rainfall around Louth township,” Mr Seiler said.

“Further down the river there has been an inch or so of rain in a 48-hour period and on top of the floodwaters that will have a real impact.

“The rain will freshen things up and wash away the dirt, silt and mud off flooded country.

“Enngonia and a bit further west also saw about 60 mms of rain in that same period and that will have the same effect.

“The country looks really fresh and while there is some drying off in places that didn’t get rain, it still looks good.

“The outlook is very, very good but we would like to see more rain around March and April to set us up for the winter season, which will be the next challenge.

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