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Adam, the accidental youth worker

Adam McLean, a youth worker based in Bourke, covers a huge area of wester NSW in his work. Photo TWH

Adam McLean said that as a young person he did labour-intensive work to earn spending money – not once thinking he would do community work as a career choice.

Adam, the Regional Youth Community Coordinator based at Bourke recently reflected on his childhood and what drove him to become involved in youth work.

With a background in mental health, community development and youth leadership Adam is passionate about assisting regional communities to support their young people to become future community leaders.

He believes it is the responsibility of the whole community to create and maintain an environment which allows young people to develop happily and equally.

“I’ve been the Youth Community Coordinator in the Far West for over two years,” Adam said.

“I live in Bourke and have a background in leadership, strategy, community development, clinical mental health, and first-response emergency services. As a Youth Community Co-ordinator, I work with communities and the youth sector to support young people in achieving and having pathways toward a fulfilling future. This happens in many ways, but the thing that stays consistent is that we listen.” […]

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