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Abattoir on track for mid-year opening

Bourke’s long awaited goat abattoir is well on track for its mid-year opening.

Thomas Foods International (TFI), the Adelaide-based family business that will operate the facility, had several of their top executives in town this week for the ‘Go Ahead with Goats’ information day.

Paul Leonard, TFI Livestock Manager, said that there was plenty of local interest in goats and the facility.

“Those that have been through the plant have been impressed.

“People have realised we are the real deal and that we are here for the long term having made a significant investment and our plans to make further investments down the track.

“An onsite freezing facility and rendering processing plant will eventually be built and they represent a major capital works investment,” Mr. Leonard said.

A significant employment recruitment drive has begun with a newsprint and radio campaign well underway to attract interest from local people.

Above award wages and sign on incentives have been offered to attract a significant number of people from the community to take up various roles at the processing facility

According to Mr Leonard, Thomas Foods will train unskilled people to operate the facility and the company hopes to attract skilled and unskilled staff from around the region, and there is a small amount of remedial work that needs to be done to bring the plant up to specification.

“The remedial work required has gone a lot slower than we would like.

“A lack of tradesman and Covid-19 have had an impact on these works; however, the work will now be complete in the next 4 to 6 weeks.

“When it opens, the abattoir at North Bourke will be the most modern goat and sheep processing facility in Australia,” Mr Leonard said.


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