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A Jimmy Little angel buzzing around the Ridge

Lightning Ridge After School Care youth giving the Thumbs Up to good tucker – ‘Buzz’ Bidstrup is at left. Photo TWH

Graham ‘Buzz’ Bidstrup, formerly of the band, The Angels, was a surprise visitor at the After School Care Program in Lightning Ridge on Thursday.

Officially, Bidstrup was in Walgett/Lightning Ridge to work on the June long weekend Jimmy Little Memorial Music and Arts Festival and could not resist promoting the ‘Thumbs Up-Good Tucker’ program, which focuses on healthy eating and lifestyles.

In 2004, The Jimmy Little Foundation was formed to advocate change, promoting better nutrition and health services in remote communities. Music and education workshops were developed and partnered with major food retailers to improve awareness of healthy food.

Although Jimmy Little passed away in 2012, part of his legacy lives on through ‘Thumbs Up’ – an organization that continues to promote healthy food and deliver innovative education programs.

In 2017, the free Good Tucker App was developed, which makes choosing healthy foods and drinks easy.

During his presentation, Bidstrup shared the Thumbs Up! program with local young people, who loved it. Many parents, and some grandparents, who weren’t there to meet him will likely regret missing out on the opportunity.

Bidstrup spent the first part of the week working with the Walgett Shire Council’s events team, executive staff, Jimmy Little’s daughter, Frances Little, and local performers on arguably the most significant music and arts gathering ever in the Outback New South Wales.

The Jimmy Little Memorial Music and Arts Festival will take place over the June long weekend 2023.

It will feature some of Australia’s most iconic artists and musicians, including Kasey Chambers, James Blundell, Buzz Bidstrup, Mark Callaghan from Gang Gajang, Dean Ray, Buddy Knox Band, Just Us, James Henry and Joshua Doctor, Kelsey Barker, Brendan Gallagher of Karma County, the Stiff Gins, and more.

The event will be free to enter, and festival attractions and sideshow alley will be offered over both days, running from 11am to 5pm.


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