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Good news as La Nina declared

Floodwaters surrounding Bourke in January 2012, during the last La Nina event. Photo TWH Archives

The good news on the weather front is that for the first time in years, drought is not the topic of conversation.

In fact, meteorologists are predicting higher than average rainfall, cooler daytime temperatures, less likelihood of drought, more tropical cyclones and an earlier start to the northern wet season.

In contrast to last year’s prolific fires and devastating drought, this spring and summer are likely to see more rain, storms and floods and the reason is the La Nina weather pattern.

Senior forecaster for Weatherzone Brett Dutschke said although we were still in the early stages of La Nina, progressively over the next few months humidity, rain and thunderstorms will increase and dry spells were likely to be reduced.

“Over the next few months much of NSW will likely receive near or above average rainfall,” Mr Dutschke said.

“The next three to four months will be a wetter period than average over a large part of the state.

“That means we are gradually making up for the rainfall deficit that has been occurring over the last two or three years and a lot of places have a fair bit to make up so this should go part of the way there.

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