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Bumper winter crop for Bourke and Brewarrina

Damien Hollman in Clyde Cotton’s wheat crop at Beemery Station. Photo TWH

Winter crops in the Bourke and Brewarrina area, are expected to produce big yields, as the bumper crops near harvest.

The winter crops of approximately 1,000 hectares of wheat at Beemery, 600 hectares of barley at Rumleigh and 1,100 hectares of barley at Latoka, planted by Clyde Cotton in April to May this year, are looking promising.

Clyde Cotton General Manager John Ellis is excited by the anticipated yield, which is expected to be about six to seven tonnes per hectare, over the total area.

“No winter crop has been grown here in at least the last 5 years.

“This is my first wheat crop here and certainly the first wheat and barley crop grown for quite some time,” Mr Ellis said.

Mr Ellis believes the biggest contributing factor to the high yield is the type and quality of the seed, and the fact that there was plenty of water to grow it.

“Seed varieties are changing all the time and there are some very good varieties available now. Fortunately, we managed to choose two of the high yield varieties.

“Local rainfall wasn’t a big factor in the quality of the crop, in fact it’s had minimal impact at this point.

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