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Outrage over park vandalism

Council estimates of recent vandalism in Central Park exceed $65,000.  PHOTO TWH

The Bourke community is up in arms after more fires were lit in Bourke’s Central Park on Friday night.

The brightly coloured sails over the skatepark were set alight, destroying two of the five sails.

A council estimate of replacing the damaged sails is more than $20,000. And on top of the recent damage to the toilet block and bin fires in Central Park, the damage bill is close to $65,000.

Bourke Shire General Manager Ross Earl said the vandalism is disappointing, and counterproductive to all that the council and community is doing to improve the amenity of the town.

Deputy Mayor Lachlan Ford took to Facebook to express his disappointment.

“It’s pretty disappointing to see the shade sails damaged like this,” Councillor Ford said, “I’m sure anyone with kids in town knows its been great having the skatepark covered”.

“It will get fixed and things will go on, but its annoying when so much time and money and effort goes into improving the town for everyone,” Councillor Ford said.

Local resident Monique Driscoll described the damage as “sad, disappointing, and lacking respect”, while Letiticia Tiffen said the incident was an “absolute disgrace”.

Others said that “without this sort of vandalism the council could fund new attractions for the community to enjoy”.

Stephanie Lowe said that the incident was disappointing as the park is looking so wonderful.

Photo: Council estimates of recent vandalism in Central Park exceed $65,000. PHOTO TWH

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