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Daniel’s heart for the disabled

Daniel Whitbread in the back of his spacious Kia Carnival. The rear wheelchair access provides clients with absolute comfort. PHOTO TWH

Daniel Whitbread is a fine example of the resilience and community spirit of the people of Bourke.

Daniel has started his own business, “Daniel’s Disability Service” caring for and supporting disabled people in the outback.

“I started out with just a few permanent clients” Daniel said.

“I leased a Kia Carnival bus with rear access wheelchair accessibility with 5 seats, which means I can carry a total of 6 passengers.

“I lashed out and got it both to advertise my business, and to spoil my clients.”

“Through my work, I provide clients with support, freedom and independence. It’s a fabulous feeling” said Daniel.

“One day I picked up a client, took him to the bowling club, had a game of bowls with him, provided support for risk of falls, and shared friendship and community with him. Without me, my client would not have been able to attend that day.”

“Not only am I able to support client’s physical needs, but their social and emotional needs as well”.

“On another occasion, one of my clients hadn’t been out of his house to undertake an activity for six months until I took him out to bowls. At home can be a really isolated place to be.”

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