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Bourke cops ‘Wear It Purple’

Celebrating “Wear it Purple” Day at Bourke last week – Police Intelligence Analyst Tayah Riesinger and Domestic Violence Officer, Senior Constable Jess Pank, with Splashe the cat. Photo supplied

Last Friday western region Central North Police District officers decided to ‘Wear it Purple’ to celebrate diversity and to support the prevention of bullying and youth suicide.

The annual event was launched in 2010 by two students and has now grown into an international celebration; spreading the simple message that ‘you have the right to be proud of who you are.’

For the past nine years, officers from across the force have worn purple to foster a safe, supportive, and accepting environment while empowering young ‘rainbow’ people within the community.

On Friday, officers were supporting ‘Wear it Purple’ events in the Barrier, Central North, Central West, Orana Mid-Western, Chifley, Oxley, and New England Police Districts.

Central North Police District Commander, Superintendent Andrew Hurst, said everyone has the right to feel safe and supported in an environment that is free from bullying and violence.

“Our staff have shown great support by wearing purple today and this is representative of the supportive environment we promote in our workplace,” Supt Hurst said.

Wear it Purple and NSW Police Force will continue to work together to further reduce the risk of bullying and youth suicide.

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