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Big picture upgrade on Bourke bowling green

Jason Jones of Sports Grass Solutions removing the current green at Bourke Bowling Club last week. PHOTO TWH

The number one bowling green at the Bourke Bowling Club is receiving a major overhaul after the temporary upgrade last season proved unsuccessful for the long-term life of the green.

Greenkeeper Guy Regan said the major renovation last year just wasn’t a big enough job, that let the club down for three reasons.

“Firstly, thatching which is a build-up of all the dead green matter like leaves and grass and it produced a thick layer that couldn’t be rolled. It was too spongy and didn’t produce any pace.

“Secondly, the green was severely undulated creating a wavy surface.

“And thirdly, the level of grass was too high compared to the bank. There is a minimum standard distance required between the green and the bank and this green was non-compliant to that standard.

“So, we are back to the bare ground to start from scratch.

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