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A little ray of sunshine

The new cabin-style accommodation at Sunshine Gardens Bourke Resort. Inset – Manager Amy Zhu and Lucky. Photos TWH

Bourke’s newest accommodation facility ‘Sunshine Gardens Resort’ has officially opened its cabin doors.

In a time when many businesses have been on hold due to COVID-19 limitations or hindered by the effects of drought, this new enterprise has brought some encouragement to the Bourke community.

More than twelve months in, the Sunshine Gardens Resort is a 24-room motel style accommodation with one and two bed cabins.

The facility also has a pool and playground area, private security parking and shower and laundry facilities for travelers.

Located on the Oxford Hotel site on the corner of Glen and Anson Streets, guests can also whet their appetite at the restaurant and bar.

Chef Nick Noirala said his restaurant and bar is a beautiful facility, with the best food in town, plus dining with an open fire.

“COVID19 has stopped our live entertainment, but guests can still enjoy the karaoke, which is a lot of fun,” Nick said.

Manager Amy Zhu said that there are lots of tourists and workers throughout the week, and mostly locals on the weekends.

“We are happy that people are saying that the food is good.

“The truck drivers are very excited - they can stay here and rest or just stop by and have a shower and a meal.

“They can also wash their clothes at the laundry, and there’s good parking for them” said Amy.

Bourke Sunshine Gardens Resort and restaurant is open from 8am – 10pm daily.

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