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Historic Car Club strikes a chord

Bourke Historical Vehicle Club President, John Thompson showing off his Jaguar. PHOTO TWH

The Bourke Historical Vehicle Club is attracting increased interest from the community, with twelve vehicles brought along for display at the second official meeting and display on Sunday.

Club President John Thompson said he was very pleased with the enthusiasm shown by the community, which is open to anyone who appreciates veteran and vintage vehicles – whether that’s driving them or just having a look.

“We were very happy with the rollup on Sunday, with several vehicles joining the display, including the President’s 24-year-old Jaguar, a Morris minivan, Les Bunyan’s Toyota truck which was formerly his father’s, a Holden and a Falcon, the 1949 MGTC owned by Louise Topolov and Robert Pitches Valiant Pacer,” Mr Thompson said.

“We’ve had the first vehicles in the club to have the historic H number plates, which is a great advantage for members because the cost of the registration is minimal if you don’t exceed the use of the vehicle for more than 60 days a year.

“We have also organised an outing to Byrock on Saturday, September 12 which should be a very enjoyable day.”

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