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REDI.E when COVID-19 ceases

Gavin Gibbs, Phillip Wright, Khesanh Sullivan and Brian Smith in the activities room at the REDI.E yard in Anson Street. The background wall was painted by Brian. Photo TWH

Bourke local Gavin Gibbs is the new Site Manager of the REDI.E activities yard in Anson Street. Gavin has been in his new role for a month now and said he is ‘absolutely chomping at the bit for the COVID-19 restrictions to cease’.

“As Site Manager, I am overseeing the programs for the recipients of Jobseeker payments. It is a mutual job obligation, kind of like ‘work for the dole’ but far more than that. REDI.E is providing huge opportunities to motivate, upskill and invest in the lives of these valuable community members.

“The participants who are not working will attend the site on an individual program, according to their individual needs and capabilities.

“At present we have more than 250 participants and when activities are in full swing it could be up to 300.

“Unfortunately, with all the COVID restrictions we can’t operate at all, at present.

“It has been great being part of the system of preparing for what we can provide, but I really want to see it come to fruition. That’s when we get to see the results.”

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