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Sense Rugby heads to Bourke

An innovative sports program specifically targeting children who may otherwise miss out on taking part in team games is coming to Bourke next week.

Sense Rugby was founded in October 2015 by Australian Rugby Sevens Olympian, Jesse Parahi and his wife, Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Carline Parahi.

Jesse Parahi will be holding a community games afternoon at Davidson Oval next Thursday that will include rugby games, a BBQ, introduction to Sense Rugby, and a meet and greet.

Jesse was invited to Bourke by the Outback Division of General Practise to assist with launching Sense Rugby which will be run in the local primary schools by local occupational therapist Grace McIntyre during Term 3.

Grace says that Sense Rugby is an amazing occupational therapy program, that uses rugby as a means of working on children’s sensory regulation, emotional, social, and physical capacity.

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