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Police nab illegal fishers

Acting Commander of Central North Police District, Inspector Ben Dawson says illegal fishing is being targeted on inland rivers. PHOTO TWH

Police and NSW Fisheries officers are cracking down on illegal fishing in the Barwon-Darling and Macquarie Rivers, with two men facing hefty penalties after being nabbed last week.

Acting Superintendent of Central North Police District Inspector Ben Dawson said rural crime police investigators were involved in a joint operation with the inspectors from DPI Fisheries to investigate reports of illegal activity on the river.

The latest incident occurred on the Macquarie River, where two men aged 49 and 58 were caught using illegal fish traps.

“The arrests followed a covert operation as well as a proactive approach from the community,” Inspector Dawson said.

“The officers set up a camp site and watched the men carrying out illegal fishing operations. When they were apprehended, they had seven fish traps and nine golden perch and Murray cod.

“The officers seized the fish and equipment and the offenders will be subject to further action by fisheries officers.

“This is an example of where rural crime police work with other government agencies on the water and on land, and it’s a warning to people to make sure they do not engage in illegal activities of any kind.

“It’s all about protecting and conserving our fish stocks and maintaining the health of the river so we have fish for future generations,” Inspector Dawson said.

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