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Sally takes on the world! Today!

The new host of ABC Radio’s “The World Today” says the radio station closest to her heart is Outback Radio 2WEB. PHOTO ABC TV

Journalist Sally Sara has carved a name for herself as one of Australia’s most respected and awarded broadcasters, covering some of the biggest stories in the toughest places around the world.

Sally has reported from war torn Afghanistan and AIDS-ravaged Africa. She’s tracked down paedophiles in Mumbai and stalked the corridors of power as a member of the Canberra Press Gallery.

Last week Sally was named as the new host of the flagship national ABC radio program, The World Today.

But the radio station that is closest to her heart is the one where she learnt her craft – Outback Radio 2 WEB in Bourke.

It was 2WEB, under the guidance of then Station Manager Ian Cole, that first employed a very green and nervous Sally Sara to host the Bush Telegraph program.

Sally drove from her hometown near Adelaide to Bourke and within 72 hours was on air. It was a welcome she said she’ll never forget and set her on a path to an illustrious career and an enduring love of radio.

“I bought a ute off my dad and drove to Bourke, pulled up outside the station to say g’day and everyone there was so friendly and welcoming,” Sally said.

“I was terrified by the prospect of going on air. I had only been a producer doing bits and pieces for the ABC and had never been behind a microphone, but you have to kick off somewhere and step up and 2WEB gave me the chance.

“I hosted the Bush Telegraph for a few months before news director Dave Kesby moved to Sydney and I took the news job and I loved that.

“Bourke was such a friendly town – the phone kept ringing with teachers and ambos who heard someone new was in town and they invited me to play basketball and European handball or to go out and do this and that.

“I had a ball,” she said.

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