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Roo shooters part of wild dog control

Kristopher Norman with a massive wild dog shot just west of Bourke two weeks ago. PHOTO TWH

The battle to control wild dog numbers is a continuing effort, with one local professional kangaroo shooter saying dogs are now as close as twenty kilometres from the Bourke township.

Kristopher Norman recently shot a huge wild dog at Jandra Station and said dogs were continuing to take stock and put pressure on farm income.

Although he is not a dog trapper, Kristopher said like many other professional roo shooters, he co-operates with local landowners and Local Land Services to try and control the spread and numbers of wild dogs in the district.

“I work closely with the farmers who tell me ‘if you see a dog bloody shoot it’,” Kris said. “The one I shot recently was big, maybe a couple of years old and looked very much like a dingo.

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