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Ron Wilson showcases Bourke and bush cooking

Celebrity Camp Oven Cook Ron Wilson has been filming around Bourke for his latest venture. PHOTO TWH

A passion for traditional camp oven cooking, a flair for entertaining the crowd and a love of the outback have set a former Bourke resident up as one of the best-known bush cooks in Australia.

‘Kingbrown’ Ron Wilson was in Bourke recently filming his craft with some mouth-watering camp oven meals and showcasing some of the most spectacular scenery around his old hometown.

“I was trying to be very secretive and sneak into town but that didn’t work – I stopped for a Morrall’s bush pepper pie and all hell broke loose!” he said.

Ron was in Bourke making a film about cooking with camp ovens. He has made a name for himself not only as a cook but as an entertainer.

Now based on the Northern Rivers, Ron spends nine months of the year travelling to caravan and camping expos, four-wheel drive events and shows demonstrating the art of camp oven cooking. He now has a popular online and social media presence which has attracted fans from around the globe and he is booked solidly for his performances.

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