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Go fishing! It’s good for you!

Sweeney and Lorraine Dixon enjoying the beautiful Bourke autumn weather downstream of the Bourke Weir

Photo TWH

And wetting a line is legal in NSW under the COVID-19 restrictions. Any fisherman will tell you that “your worst day out fishing is better than your best day at work”. And with healthy flows down the Darling River and beautiful autumn weather, now is the time to try your luck. Conditions could not be better for catching a good haul of golden perch, or yellow bellies in the local lingo.

More than that, fishing is a legal activity under the current COVID-19 restrictions. Commander of the Central North Police District Superintendent Andrew Hurst said that fishing has been allowed throughout the coronavirus lockdown despite many other outdoor activities being restricted.

Supt Hurst said that this relaxation on fishing was not a green light for people to go fishing and boating in groups.

“If you need a break outside and if fishing is your exercise and recreation, then do it sensibly, and keep the right social distancing in place.

“You can go out by yourself, and with any dependent kids, but at the moment its not legal to be out in groups with your friends.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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