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Jenny’s art captures spirit of hope

Local artist Jenny Greentree working on “Lifeblood of the West” at her Back O’Bourke Gallery PHOTO TWH

Bourke artist Jenny Greentree’s latest exhibition is inspired by the tough times faced by the town over the past few years during drought and little access to water.

Her message is to show the beauty of renewal through her art, and she is hoping that message will resonate across the community.

“This exhibition really fits in with the times,” Jenny said. “It’s called ‘Seasons Come and Seasons Go’. I was preparing the artworks with the drought in mind and hoping we might see a break in it.

“I am creating a body of work that communicates how people can dig in and get through tough times out here. Visitors really respond with respect and awe at such depth of character.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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