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Plugger’s Mighty Mack returns for Bourke Easter Parade

Plugger Bowden’s fully restored Mack 88 Superliner will be a major attraction at this year’s Bourke Easter Festival. PHOTO TWH

The Easter Reunion Festival will see the return of a legend of the trucking industry when Kevin “Plugger” Bowden’s mighty Mack 88 Superliner leads the traditional parade down the main street on Easter Saturday.

The restored truck will grace the same town where it set a Guinness World Record in 1994 as the longest ever road train, when the Mack pulled 29 stock trailers through the streets of Bourke.

That feat made the Mack the most famous truck in Australia and now it returns, restored to its former glory.

It’s been a mighty effort to get the truck to Bourke for the Festival, led by members of the Bowden family with the help of the owners of the company that bought it, the men who restored it, and one man who has followed it’s chequered history since well before that record breaking event 26 years ago.

Bob ‘Bullbar’ Hayward was in the truck the day it made history and he has been determined to help get the truck back to Bourke in time for the Easter Festival.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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