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Ross Earl to retire from Bourke

Bourke Shire Council General Manager Ross Earl with Bourke Mayor Barry Hollman following the announcement of Mr Earl’s retirement at the February council meeting Photo TWH

When Bourke Shire Council General Manager Ross Earl heads off to his retirement in October, he will leave an impressive legacy.

This includes Mr Earl’s role in securing more than $50 million in funding for Bourke projects, and notching up the highest award for a local council, the AR Bluett Award.

At a council meeting on Monday 24th February, Mr Earl announced he will not seek to renew his contract in October and instead will assist Bourke Council in finding a replacement.

“At this stage I am retiring to our property at Mudgee with my wife Annette, but whether that means complete retirement I am not too sure, but I won’t be seeking full-time work,” Mr Earl said.

“I’ll do a few repairs on our house in Mudgee and run a few cattle on our small property, recharge the batteries and then see what happens.”

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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