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Catherine’s Pub Tour comes to Bourke

Catherine Britt (centre) on her Bush Pubs Tour in Bourke last Friday night with Charlie Scott, Luke Moon, Ben Conicella and Natalie Henry Photo TWH

It was Bourke’s turn to head to the pub on Friday night for an evening of great country music with singer Catherine Britt as she travels the country on her Bush Pubs Tour.

Catherine is one of Australia’s most successful female country singers and decided to do the Bush Pubs Tour after seeing the decline in small country towns.

Catherine, her husband and her two young sons have been living in a caravan and travelling the countryside for the past three and a half years and she said she had seen firsthand the dwindling populations and fortunes of some of the small villages and communities they passed through.

“We saw all these bush towns where people don’t go anymore, little towns that were getting run into the ground,” she said.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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