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Scots All Saints College visits Bourke

Local mums with children at Scots All Saints College, Bathurst –Tanya Mitchell, Sally Davis and Ainslie Smith, with Director of Boarding at the College, Anthony Le Couteur PHOTO TWH

The Scots All Saints road show arrived in Bourke this week, with staff members keen to meet with local families.

Director of Boarding Anthony Le Couteur is the driving force behind the tour and just months into his role at Scots All Saints, he was keen to visit the hometowns of many of his boarding students.

On Thursday evening, the college hosted a meet and greet information night at Diggers on the Darling which was well attended and gave Mr Le Couteur the chance to meet parents face to face.

“Times are tough at the moment, so we wanted to get out to the areas where our students comes from and touch base with them at their home,” Mr Le Couteur said. “One of the parents said last night that unless you’ve done the drive out to Bourke you don’t fully get it; the sacrifices they’re making and how far it really is and they appreciated us coming out to them.

“Being a boarding parent is a massive sacrifice, not just financially but emotionally, for parents sending their children away.

“There are many reasons why parents send their children away to boarding school and one of them is not having the educational opportunities at home that they’re after and I’m sure most parents would prefer to have their kids with them and be involved in their lives.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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