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Rapid Relief Team brings food and fun to the Outback

Managing Director of Rapid Relief Team, Ron Arkcoll of Goulburn Photo TWH

Charities continue to support communities across the Far West, with a recent massive fodder drop for Far West farmers.

Volunteers from the Rapid Relief Team launched a livestock feed drop for communities across far western NSW and Queensland with the final deliveries to Bourke and Brewarrina next month.

Managing Director of Rapid Relief Ron Arkcoll said his charity wanted to embrace struggling communities as the drought forced more families and businesses into financial difficulty.

“We are a church-based charity with a focus on drought and fire as well,” Mr Arkcoll said.

“We are running a road show through our Operation Drought Relief and we have a program called Farmers Community Connect which will deliver 1600 tonnes of livestock pellets to eight communities.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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