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Plans for Bourke Vintage Car Club

Dave Neylon with his vintage motorcycle and Neil (Dribbles) Driscoll with his HT Holden ute Photo TWH

A love of vintage cars has inspired Bourke’s Neil ‘Dribbles’ Driscoll to start the engine on a local vintage car club in Bourke.

Dribbles, who has traversed the country in his own restored vehicles, said there were an unknown number of rare, collectable and valuable vehicles sitting in sheds, workshops and paddocks across the region, as well as plenty of people keen to learn new skills in restoration and motor mechanics.

“It’s early days yet but there has already been a lot of interest from people and we’re having a meeting to decide how far we can go with it, if there’s enough support for it and what we should name it,” Dribbles said.

“I know for sure there are about 40 odd vehicles in Bourke and as we are doing it pretty hard at the moment, this would give people a reason to come to Bourke and help the town a bit.

“It’s also a good way to get the youngsters a chance to get these cars out of the shed and start working on them.

“I drive mine all the time – I have a1959 FC Holden panel van, which is pretty rare, an HT Holden ute, a Mini Moke and a Morris 1100.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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