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Bourke’s Big Heart

The fundraising effort will help Gail Brown and Kara Farnham (pictured) with travel and accommodation expenses associated with their treatment Photo TWH

The people of Bourke have big hearts! They always rally around when someone is in trouble, and they help others with selfless giving of themselves and giving of their money.

Bourke’s big heart was on display again on the weekend at the “Kraken Kricket for Kara and Gail” at Bourke’s Davidson Oval.

The cricket fun day was aimed at raising money to support Kara Farnham and Gail Brown who are currently both receiving treatment for cancer.

Both girls have life threatening cancer, and both are required to travel away and stay away for long periods to receive chemotherapy and other treatment. The travel and accommodation costs of receiving specialist treatment in Sydney and Dubbo are considerable.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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