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Water restrictions tighten

Bourke Shire Council General Manager Ross Earl checking river levels on Tuesday PHOTO TWH

Level two water restrictions in Bourke will kick in before Christmas as the river level in the weir pool drops towards 3.5 metres.

After the wonderful 4 inches of rain at Bourke in early November, dry weather has persisted, and temperatures have risen above 40 degrees.

The green sheen over the countryside around Bourke is disappearing and water levels in the weir pool are dropping quickly.

Bourke is currently on level one water restrictions – with residents able to water gardens with fixed sprinklers for 2 hours per day, and at any other time with handheld sprinklers.

However, level two restrictions will come into force in Bourke and North Bourke from noon on Monday 23rd December 2019.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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