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Cotton Grant for Bourke Ceramics Centre

Interested community members at the Bourke Ceramic Centre, which will benefit from the Cotton Communities Grant Program – Doreen Orcher, Fleur Thompson, Kristie Smiles, David Pickard, Dot Martin, Codey Martin, Jane Doe, Gary Jones-White, Sally Torr and Ron Wardrop PHOTO Supplied

Members of the Bourke Arts Community are hard at work getting new premises renovated for Bourke’s new Ceramics Centre, based at the old cadet shed at the airport in North Bourke.

The Ceramics Centre has been a work in progress for the past six months, and the centre received a welcome boost this month – a $5000 grant through Bayer as part of the Aussie Cotton Farmers Grow Communities grant program.

Secretary of the Bourke Arts Community Sally Torr said renovations to the shed had transformed the building but to become a fully functioning Ceramics Centre, it required considerable fitting out with specialised equipment.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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