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Broadcast calls drought response “a disgrace”

Broadcaster Alan Jones is calling on the Bourke community to join him for an open forum when he visits the town next week.

Mr Jones will host the discussion at the Port of Bourke Hotel on Sunday afternoon to get feedback from the community about the impact of the drought.

He will then broadcast his breakfast radio program from the Bourke Bowling Club from 5am Monday morning and his message is clear – the drought is a national disaster and the people of the bush need their voice to be heard.

“I have a couple of million listeners around Australian and I am bringing the program to Bourke to give a voice to farmers and locals in regional towns who are battling these dreadful circumstances in relation to the drought and bushfire in an environment where Canberra is characterised by ignorance and indifference,” he said.

“Farmers have no money left; it’s run out and they can’t keep paying $45,000 a month for feed. The banks have done quite well and looked after people, but the government has announced it’s one billion dollar drought loan program and it’s absolute rubbish.

“Farmers don’t want something for nothing but not one farmer will take up this loan because it requires them to pay it back every month. Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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