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Rain brings relief – but not for long

The impact of the recent downpour is still being felt across the Bourke Shire and beyond, but General Manager of Bourke Council Ross Earl issued a word of caution this week.

Without follow up rain or flows from the tributaries, river levels will fall steadily, and water restrictions will likely intensify over summer.

Mr Earl said Council would continue its drive to secure water supplies, to shore up Bourke’s economic stability through a range of grant programs on offer and will continue to look at ways to reduce water consumption across the Shire, outside of current water restrictions.

“The rain made a huge difference to the mood in the community as well as bringing some relief to farmers and graziers,” Mr Earl said.

“It brought enough water to the river to raise levels that will benefit people downstream of the Bourke weir.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

Water flowing over the Bourke Weir late on Sunday afternoon. Without further rain, flow over the weir will cease this week due to lack of flows above Bourke PHOTO TWH

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