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Rugby League – Bourke Warriors star at Koori Knockout

The Bourke Warriors Rugby League side played some of their hardest football against two of the best teams in the Koori Knockout at the weekend, returning home with a swag of injuries, including three broken arms.

Despite being knocked out in their second match, the Warriors stood tall, playing against teams that both had NRL Rabbitohs players on their side.

They also attracted a lot of attention and respect from the crowd and the media before the first kick-off following the airing of a documentary on NITV about the members’ strong religious faith.

The Warriors pray before and after their games, asking for protection and good will and the program documented the team’s success and religious beliefs, which many of the team members say go hand in hand.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

Bourke Warriors at the Koori Rugby League Knockout at Newcastle on Saturday – BACK ROW l-r: Kaylan Orcher, Matty Gibbs, Justin Shillingsworth, Luke Simpson, Paul Knight, Aiden Orcher, Jeremy Thurston, Heath Gibbs, Jason Savin, David Jacky, Colby Pellow, Brody Cobb, Rowan Hardy, Robert Knight, Gavin Gibbs, Josh Toole and Ryan Walsh. FRONT ROW: Nathan Orcher, Timmy Weatherall, Shane Knight, Mark Knight, Anthony Skinner, Caen Davis, Dylan Laurie, Guy Shillingsworth, Matt Toole, Alli Beale, Ash Widders, Jerrod Selms, Clynton Edwards, Cameron Dennis and Alex Ronayne Photo Supplied

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