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Country Women’s Association – News from the Far Western Group

The Annual Conference of the Far Western Group is fast approaching and will be held at Narromine on the 8th October. It will be opened by Mrs Ruth Shanks.

The meeting this year is of vital importance to the future of our group as the positions of President, Secretary and Treasurer will need to be filled.

Everyone is busy, and the drought is causing extra anxiety. Our Far Western area has a shrinking population, so it is extra important to have our voices heard. However, moves are afoot to change the structure of our organisation, including the possibility of amalgamating Groups. If we cannot fill our executive positions Far Western Group will be in danger of losing its identity.

New office bearers will receive guidance and encouragement from those who are retiring so please consider taking a position. I always remember my mother coming home after taking a position with the local Red Cross and saying “You take your turn”. It is hoped there are members who feel the same way and will come forward to take their turn. It is only for one year so please let your delegates know if you are willing to take office and give it a go.

Incidentally the position of Publicity Officer will also be vacant!

If any members have a particular interest in the Group Public Speaking competition, the committee is looking for members to join them. Let the Narromine Branch know if you wish to help.

Taking a Group position is the next step in making wonderful friendships and learning more about what an effective and respected organisation the CWA is.

I hope to see you on the 8th with entries in the handicraft competitions Mrs Earl has told you about.

Margie Oldfield

Group Publicity Officer

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