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Labor Senator has faith in Bourke

Senator Deborah O’Neill visited Bourke last week with Shadow Health Minister Chris Bowen Photo TWH

As “duty Senator” for Parkes, Deborah O’Neill has the job of picking up the pieces for constituents who feel they aren’t getting heard by their elected member of parliament.

It means she must have a grasp of a broad range of issues affecting the massive Federal electorate of Parkes – and the health of the people within the electorate is her top priority.

Senator O’Neill toured Bourke with Shadow Health Minister Chris Bowen last week and said she was impressed with the optimism and ambition of the community, despite the difficulties of withstanding the drought.

“People who feel they may not have had an option are casting their eyes around for something better for themselves, for the people they work with and employ and the future they want for their community - they love and are proud of this place,” Senator O’Neill said.

“Bourke doesn’t have to be an old town that’s lost its way - it aspires to be a great city on the river again and that means they are proud of where they live.

“The vibrancy of this Bourke community is obvious.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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