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Mystery Box Tour 2019

Christopher and Janet Doyle team Happily Ever After Photo TWH

The Mystery Box Tour passed through Bourke on Monday raising money for the Cancer Council.

The rally is in its 10th year and has raised over $20 million in that time. So far, the 2019 rally has raised $1 million.

The Mystery Box tour stopped in Bourke for fuel and food on Monday on their way from Nindigully and Hungerford. The tour then headed off to Lightning Ridge. The 200-car tour left Byron Bay on Saturday with 400 people driving and navigating in a loop back to Byron Bay. 2019 is the third attempt for Kristy Burns and Chris Gray driving the Your Empire car, and this is the furthest they have made it to date. They have made it to day 3 there are 5 days left.

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