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Attorney General wants safer communities

NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman (3rd from right) met with councillors, community members and police while in Bourke. Pictured here are Councillors John Thompson, Victor Bartley, Cecil Dorrington and Sarah Barton, along with Minister Bronnie Taylor, Bourke Mayor Barry Hollman, Council GM Ross Earl and Inspector Andrew Hurst Photo TWH

Breaking down the silo mentality of government departments and working towards a common goal of community safety is the driving force behind NSW Attorney General Mark Speakman.

Mr Speakman, who is also Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence, was in Bourke last week talking to police, councillors and other community organisations, and people contributing to the Justice Reinvestment program.

A self-confessed ‘do-gooder’, Mr Speakman said he chose politics after a career as a lawyer because he felt he could have more impact on the issues he was passionate about, especially reducing domestic violence.

“I often see a lot of horrible cases come across my desk but as Attorney General my number one priority is community safety,” he said.

“Since the election, we have integrated a lot of agencies to achieve that goal.

“We have now integrated the Community Services and Justice departments into one mega group, so we are not having Family and Community Services information in one brief and Corrections and Police in separate departments that don’t always communicate with each other.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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