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The “Kid from Bourke” walks the red carpet

Tenea and Will Alexander at the Australian Independent Country Music Awards in Adelaide PHOTO SUPPLIED

When the red carpet rolled out at the Australian Independent Country Awards in Adelaide earlier this month, the ‘Kid from Bourke’ Will Alexander was there to put his home town on the map.

Will’s Album, “The Kid from Bourke”, was nominated for Best Independent Country Album. It didn’t win but Will said it was a great honour to be among the nominees.

“I felt really out of place there actually,” he said. “So, I just stood in the corner until the nominations came up - and until the free beer came out!”

Will grew up at Pera Bore, out the Wanaaring Road from North Bourke as a member of the Cornerstone community. He is now based at Swan Hill on the NSW border of the Murray River and works as a farm hand as well as performing as a singer-songwriter at festivals and venues around New South Wales.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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