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From addiction to Deadly Runner

At Bondi Beach after the City2Surf run l-r: Robert de Castella, Ray Hammond, Noel Baker, Michaela Skuthorpe and Andrew Mercer Photo supplied

Four men from a Gongolgon Rehabilitation Centre have shown that, with the right attitude and a little help from your friends, it’s possible to achieve even the toughest goals.

At the weekend City2Surf event, the four lined up at the start line with 80,000 others to take part in the 14 kilometre race from the centre of Sydney to Bondi Beach.

The men represented the Deadly Running program and even though one runner was unable to complete the event, it was proof that they had faced and overcome significant challenges.

Michaela Skuthorpe from the Indigenous Marathon Project began the journey for the men when she made a presentation at Orana Haven Rehabilitation Centre recently. TAFE facilitator Steve Smith, a marathon runner, then set up a six week training schedule for the four participants.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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