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Water restrictions

The Bourke weir pool is dwindling again through lack of rain and tributary inflows Photos TWH

Residents of Bourke and North Bourke could find themselves back on Level 3 water restrictions next week as the river level at Bourke drops towards 3 metres.

The level on Tuesday this week was 3.05 metres and dropping by about 1 centimetre every two or three days.

Given the current rates of usage and evaporation, and lack of upstream flow, Bourke residents can expect to be cut back to hand held hoses for 2 hours per day, and no sprinkler use at all.

The town reverted from level 5 water restrictions to level two restrictions in mid-June after a relieving flow from the Culgoa River topped up the weir pool.

The river at Bourke had dropped to near record lows of 1.93 metres on 23rd May 2019, when the Culgoa flow ran into the back of the Bourke weir pool raising the river height gradually.

As a result the Darling at Bourke peaked at 3.16 metres on 27th June 2019 and has been falling gradually since as the Culgoa flow faltered and town usage and evaporation continued.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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